360 All-in-One
Panoramic Live Streams on the Go

360° All-in-One Package890plus Tax & ShippingPerfectly made for quick and smart live productions in 360 degrees.

360° live production has never been easier!

Start your own 360-degree live production right away. With All-in-One you get the full set of camera equipment, live streaming traffic and video player software in one package.

All the things you need:

a computer or notebook with USB3.0 port and i5 power
an internet connection with a minimum upstream bandwidth of 2,5 MBit/s
a power supply for the camera and your computer
a smartphone and the V.360 app to launch the camera

This is what you'll get

V.360 Action Cam
The small and tough camera captures live video in a 360-degree horizontal perspective. It can provide panoramic photos, timelapsed clips, recordings and live streams. The firmware is exclusively optimized for live streaming.
Live Streaming
A streaming starter volume of Wowza Cloud Services ensures that you can immediately go live. You can live stream with 1GB streaming volume immediately. Each additional GB consumed is calculated at 0.20 €.
360° Equipment
You’ll never walk alone. All cables, connectors, adapters, a camera bracket and a signal converter from HDMI to USB 3.0 are included in the package.
Video Player Software
With All-in-One you get full access to the video platform, the video configurator and the HTML5 video player for 360° video. Furthermore, our pro package with up to 10,000 video viewing requests is included.

Current All-in-One projects

Travel the world - All-in-One

re:publicaTEN in 360 degrees – produced with All-in-One.

All-in-One FAQ

The first 1GB of live traffic is included.

For your information: A user consumes 22MB at 3Mbps bandwidth per minute. This corresponds to about 0.02 €.

For example: With 50 users who watch live for 30 minutes approx. 33 GB of live traffic will be consumed and approx. 6.59 € will be spent.

Once the included traffic volume is used up, you will receive a message from us. You can then easily continue to stream. We charge € 0.20 per GB consumed.

A virtually unlimited amount of users can can watch simultaneously and choose their own point of view.

We supply the V.360 Cam of our cooperating partner VSN mobile with all accessories needed. However, any 360 camera which can produce a live stream can be used.